this heart is for the taking

When I look at you,
I am filled with vast
over-whelming emotions-
you are the man I love.

Time and time again,
you’ve proven your
my best friend
this love do not doubt it-
this love will never end.

To you and only you,
i said so long ago,
but not in words
in deeds instead,

it was my heart which
spoke first as I
looked into and got lost
into your bluest eyes

and this is what my heart
said to yours alone:
this heart is for the taking.
So you did and it became

enter-twined with your own,
this mess we are in-
this funny, wonderful, and happy
life we share

it all started so long ago,
with a single velvet
kiss that shattered my soul:
it replaced it with

It was then, that I
think my heart must
have simply awoke,
and it said,
this heart is for the taking.

so you did.
and for that, i will forever
be glad, because I know my heart
is always safe when it
is with yours.

i love you
so much, it hurts sometimes,
but mostly,
so much that it makes
me very happy.


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