still working…on my writing..

I edited and re-edited as best as I could. My memoir is now 73 pages long. I tried to fluff out as many details as possible. My memories are not quite like they used to be. I would blame it on being middle aged but i doubt that’s the whole story. Endless years of manias, depressions, hypo-manias, and psychosis plus very strong medicines-creates a hazy recall.

It helps that I have had a somewhat stable long term romance for almost 13 yrs now. He fills in my blanks when I cannot-or just do not really want to remember. Some of it-i push as far back into my subconscious as humanly possible.

It is really hard to sum up a life-story of living on the edges between madness and normalcy. Although, that was the illusion i was shooting for…

Now, that I finally submitted it it should be approved in the next few days. We-hubby and I-are considering paying extra for distributions this time, If we do do that it’s possible it maybe available on demand through libraries and Barnes and nobles. That means you would need to request it and then they would order it for you. 

I’m not sure if I am good enough….worth a snowballs chance in hell, i guess…

In case anyone is curious I will give you a preview of the book cover- if i can find it on my cluttered laptops desktop. It looks like somebody threw up files everywhere-hubby says im a hoarder with so many icons on my desktop. LOL…Image

The paperback version is going to be $15.99, and it will be 8.5 x11, white pages colored images-some art not that much-some personal photos and a hell of alot of memories. This picture is how the front cover will look.

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