A footstep right out of a dream

A painting by
a famous Artist,
depicting a bit of raw pointillism

A woman in her bathtub,
nude, with red-hair in a bun
the painting is clear as day,
in my mind’s-eye,
it’s like a footstep right out of a dream.

I am deeply haunted as I quickly,
flip through various art-books,
which I own. I’m looking for
this painting of a woman, in a bathtub.

It was a painting I was shown a
slide of in several of
my painting courses as an under-graduate
in the bachelors of fine arts

Why can’t I find a picture, of this famous painting?
or the name of the artist?
It’s all blurry inside my head
as if I were the woman in
the bathtub and I’m drowning inside.

It’s like a footstep away,
from walking into,
or out of,
a dream, and the red, red, red
of her beautiful hair,
it burns my eyes-
they start to water-

I gasp for air.


2 thoughts on “A footstep right out of a dream

  1. The Met. museum of Art has a famous painting called ‘the Bather’ by Degas which is of a women getting into the tub. Could this be the painting you saw?

    • It’s entirely quite possible. I really need to flip through one of my art history books at home. But I thought the painting I was thinking about was well known but not as famous, as degas or Monet. Someone who was either part of impressionism or pointalism? Maybe Manet, or Sargent or ….I am not even sure maybe I am even thinking of Lucien Freud??
      I really need to look through some art books to try to figure it out.

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