superstitions abound

superstition’s abound
they surround me.
i have a half-crazy mother-in-law,
with whom i live.

i adore her-despite the fact –
she makes me crazy sometimes,
but that’s what mother-in-laws
were meant for, since the beginning of all time.

Anyways, she is full of old-wives tales,
and superstitions. One of which is,
if your palms are itchy,
you will soon receive/come-into/or find/money.

Another is if the bottoms,
of your feet itch,
you will soon walk on “strange land.”
by this she means you will
go somewhere you have never been before.

Today my palm on my right hand,
is itching like crazy-
I’m not sure, if i believe, these things,
but i texted my husband, that tonight,
we should play the lottery.

better safe than sorry.
superstitions got a hold of me-
superstitions abound.


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