I robot and other fairy tales…

i robot, and other fairy tales
by Emily Sturgill

We live in a digital age. Everything is computerized.From our “smart phones.” to our DVR players, to our video games, and our “app stores”-
Everything is run by electricity and it’s all computerized.
You can get your favorite pet-micro-chipped, but not your husband or wife,
just yet…sooner then later that will also be the norm.

With all this advanced technology, you would expect that it unites people,
but i will go out on a limb and say, it divides people too.

All this computer-tech-savy-ness, takes us apart from others. It isolates us.
How many times does my husband have to come home from work and run straight to his desktop PC, to check his MyFace, or email or news, before i begin to feel invisbile…or at least i would if i would not already listening to music or watching tv or writing on my blog or checking my own email…

So many of these techno-activities are solo. They are done solitary. I really do not understand internet dating-although I know persons who have done it and I try not to judge. I’m a far cry from a luddite-I’m just as addicted to my internet as everyone else around me.

but every once in a while, my mood descends like the Sun going down for the Day. I simply crash, not my computer, but my system-my personal bodily system. I turn the damn computer off. I turn off the cellphone. I take a nap sometimes. Today I spent 2 hours painting with watercolors.

These are somethings to do to charge your human body-batteries:
1. take a walk
2. play with a child
3. read a book
4.plant a garden
5. look for animal shapes in the clouds, outside, in the sky
6.connect with nature-go talk to a tree or better yet hug one.
7. read a book-no not a digital book-a real one where you can bend the corner to mark your place on the book’s page
8.Spend time with pets or animals
9.Spend time with family-eat dinners together
10. make real live face chat with your friends-the ones in real life.
11.Watch a sunset or sunrise.
12. At night try to see the constellations.
13. Make somebody laugh today.

I’m sure you have your own lists. My question is do we really own our laptops, computers, smartphones,email accounts, video-games or are these the things which own us the most?

i robot or is it just another modern day fairy tale?


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