Small favor?

If any of you are up for the challenge, I have been working ALL DAY LONG….to try to create a promotional website for my books of art and poetry…I was wondering if any of you could look at the new site and leave me a feedback comment here on your opinions or suggestions,….I want to appear professional without paying for somebody else to do this for me. Not only because I am cheap, but I am also mildly broke.

If you check out my site and leave me a comment, that would really be terrific. If you want for each comment, I could attempt posting a haiku or something….or maybe just a flower-filled-flourish sentence of thanks and gratitude.

Here is the new site:

I will still be blogging on wordpress-it’s not even a blogging site-it’s more like a free website.

Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post-I am very hopeful that one or two of you will do that for me-hopefully, please?

Thanks and now back to our regular Weds scheduled programming.



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