Grasping at Straws

Grasping at Straws,

made up of Michigan Rain,

composed of windy, muddy, cold

weather. My feelings, so unlike, myself today

have been all over the map.

Myself, unlike my feelings, has mostly

stayed stationary-cuddled up in my bed,

trying to keep warm.

Sometimes, it seems like there

is a simple and perfect,

bright side to everything.

I can see the Sun try to move past,

the clouds, to brighten even, the darkest day.

Other times, I find I am stuck,

like a car going in reverse,

backwards my memories focus on my

murky past and I wonder why me?

It’s best to try to remain forward

facing the present.

But that’s tough to do,

if you keep glancing behind you,

in fact if you keep looking backwards,

you may miss the best part-

when the Rain finally stops,

and the rainbows come out to play.


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