Are you a coffee smoker?

I was once asked this,
by a well-meaning oral surgeon,
“Are you a coffee smoker?”
“Why yes, indeed I am” was my retort-as my husband started laughing in the background.

We still laugh over that one sometimes.
It was a strange question, yet clearly,
we both instantly knew
what he meant,
Do you drink coffee?
Are you a smoker?

Smoking coffee itself is a bizarre concept.
Just thinking about it,
reminds me of the kind older oral surgeon.
He was a very nice man.

Not sure why this moment popped up in my head?
I’m having a weird sort of day.
Michigan decided to put Spring,
back on it’s bookcase again.

We woke up to more Winter-
four inches this morning,
after being so mild all week.

I hate the snow-but only sporadically,
other times I love how pretty it looks.
Today, it just feels cold.

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