Sugarcoated Sorrows

Sugarcoated Sorrows,
and unplanned

A plum-fairy coated in fine-grained
leaving a bitterness to Sorrows darkest
diabetic charms.

The icing is on the cake, they say,
While you are not even,
better today.

Frustration mounts,
well past the age of tooth-fairies,
the grisly older person’s mouth.

As sometimes some teeth,
gotta get the hell out,
to make room for better tomorrows.

What to do with you?
I really cannot say, I am not the praying
girl, i was once before.

I only long to linger,
to sugar-coat, all of your,

I try to free-verse,
the saga, into a tail-spin,
of much better news.

That’s all i can do,
or think of right now,
a sugar-coated tomorrow

and a bit of happiness,
in the clucth,
left in your purse, a single lucky penny,
there resides.


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