the politics behind
poverty-of the very old and very young.

the poverty of those on disabled,
relying on the State and Government based
health insurance-which is actually
some of the best to have…

yet can anyone explain to me the logic behind….
why Medicare-health insurance for Senior Citizens-
(also the disabled) refuses to cover Dental and Vision?

This is America, last time I checked.
And Older people are told that there insurance cannot fix their broken teeth?
Or their expired eyeglasses?
What commonsense does it make-

To expect seniors will never need eyeglasses or dentures?
Where is the outrage?
Oh, Geez, I forgot there is none.

Just got back,
from taking my mother-in-law to a state
based dentist.
They tried to screw her over,

Insisting instead of getting both her
infected teeth pulled,
she should only get one pulled,
and come back to them,

So they can charge her $800.00
to put a cap or crown in…

I am so frustrated-does everybody,
who accepts state insurance for the poor,
“medicaid” are they all corrupt?
Can’t I find one honest provider-somewhere…

So sick of the politics.
$800.00 is like 800,000$ to her.
to me too, for that matter.
What can I say?

The system is clearly broken,
and I don’t know how to play this game.
Filled with red-taped, indifference and B.S.


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