vast sunshine revolution

Huge UFO’s
Vast Sunshine Revolution;
a war with words.

Butterflies, they make-believe
without surprise.
The glory is the Sun.

Which leaves teardops upon us.
Pink pervert, researches a
sex fatality.

Cherish Hope beyond all else.
Everything else is an oncoming
disaster in an motor car accident.

Huge UFO’s deeply
dividing us, into a war of the worlds.
the vast cosmos embraces us,
by offerring the subtle unshaken handshake.

Prideful, and arognant ignorance
rejects any chance to be graceful
to anything misunderstood.

A sonic boom is the thing heard,
a punk-rocker, his remains become
roses among the concrete graffiti.

It’s a vast Sunshine Revolution
and a mix and blend of a cocktail
containing fragments of us
verses them.

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