To clarify for you, my readers:

I just wanted to make sure you know a few things. First of all, I love writing this blog, the positive responses I have gotten really blow me away.
Secondly, about my e-books on kindle and paperbacks availablefor purchase on

They have completely different poetry and artwork, then that that is featured on my blog. Occasionally, I make an exception and if one or two of my poems from the blog are immensely popular I may include it in a future poetry and artwork chapbook. I have done this so far with a couple of my chapbooks. But for the most part, it is like 98% of stuff you have never read or seen before.

My writing style, on both the blog and my books is very very similiar. I am who I am; I cannot really change my “voice” or “method” to my writing. It is part confessional, part memoir, part fiction, part make-believe….sometimes there are true facts meshed in, but sometimes I alter things just enough to not offend too my people, like family or friends.

But if you are interested please check out some of the pages on my blog;
poems, prose and ramblings, Authors page, and videos from youtube, has videos of me readigs excerpt poems from my chapbooks.

Just wanted to let people know, it seems like, I keep getting new readers signing up, for this blog. For the rest of you who have been here longer, so sorry for the informerical, it’s just really hard to make a buck, these days.

I always welcome comments and feedback on my blogs or on my chapbooks. You can also message me directly at

You guys all rock.I am just happy that somebody somewhere actually reads my dribble and that you like it, that makes me very happy. Thank you for reading my “stuff”-Emily


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