nature trial

Eagle Lovers
Hazy, greedy, trash
flung upon the path.
plastic bottles, paper cups, beer bottles
rotting food and a single racoon,
he is feasting upon our picnic memories.

A lamp shimmers surreal colors,
representing virtues, such as,
Hope, Fate, Beauty, and Joy.
brilliance as the colors merge into one
shade of absolute gorgeousness.

Beauty puzzles the Reading and befuddled,
Arsonist. As she lingers behind the library-after
school hours, with a lighter and some matches.
Joy, gratitude and happiness

are discarded from her life in all,
of its entirety, as she strikes a match
at a pile of trash, and watches the library
go up in flames, like a dragons roar.

Life is like a nature trial,
do you preserve the beauty, add to it, and glorify it?
Or do you litter the pathway, trash the wildlife,
increase the problem?

Or in the end,
are you just a troubled teen,
who sets the world ablaze,
in one horrific moment
leaving many fatalities
in your wake by mistake?


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