Lucid Dreaming

My personal Archetype,
is a white Rabbit.
He is long and tall, with a waist-coat,
and a pocket watch.

He is the bunny,
dreams are made of,
part human half Rabbit
He is Wise when i am not.

He came to me
during a session of
Lucid Dreaming.
He has much to say,
but i cannot remember which words,

his mouth forms or if we even
speak the same language,
He could be French or German-even
older forms of English like Anglo-Saxon.

What every he does says its in puddles, of rhymes,
riddles, puzzles and such,
he can be overly surreal and confusing,
like myself.

He is apparently a part of my shadowy, secret,
inner self. Part of my Ego, Super Ego or Id.
I only remember the dream itself, having it,
once or twice.

Bunnies are strange creatures to me.
My husband loves how cute they are,
claims he wants to own one someday.
A close friend, who is slightly crazy,

He both adores and fear Rabbits.
He loves the cuteness,
but cannot rid his mind of monty python

and rabbits with pointy little vampire teeth.

For my own issues: my cat accidentally, on purpose, murdered at least two.
And for our wedding i had our niece read an except from the velveteen Rabbit. The part about how stuff toys become real if you “love” them enough.

Also when i was a young child my sister
who is older,
had a fancy children
book with a Hare,
and the moon.

I loved that book.
Rabbits are intriguing to me,
despite all their hippity hop.
They are very intelligent,

I have heard they make
excellent pets. Maybe, someday.
Lucid Dreaming
containing a wild Hare chasing the Moon.


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