desire to draw

a desire stirs my soul. it is something, silent, singular an urge, i cannot stop. it flutters and dances in my chest, by me heart. a desire to draw. to create more art. i do not even feel like doing it, this thing, called creation.

I got bite by the envy bug.
A art therapist friend of mine, posted,
a beautiful, color pencil drawing,
she did onto, facebook.

Years, before I became a painter-
drawing was all i did.
I drew everything and anything and,
all the spots in-between-

I really have not drawn anything lately.
But thinking both,
about her drawing, and
this poem i started to write,
I did decide,

to try to draw,
something anything, at all,
no matter how big,
or how small.

There was just this urgency,
this urge, this desire, to draw.
It grabbed hold of me,
and refused to release me.

It was a spark,
of a desire, rather,
than a spark of imagination,
yet starely at the blank page,

I just jumped into the pool,
head first diving into
the deep end,
in other words, i just started to draw.

i began.


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