Sleep Disruption

Another disturbance in the force,

and my sleep is disruptured,

you are moaning and groaning,

come back to bed…

but i need a few moments to linger,

i will in fact, go back to bed soon.

It’s both my penance and doom, to struggle

in fits of disturbed sleep.

My medicine helps a whole lot,

but in the end, I am only frail and human.

I wake up to use the restroom, sometimes, i wake up from a nightmare, or

I wake up due to my annoying smokers hack…

you must hate that.

you dislike my smoking altogether,

and get nervous, when I stay up late.

Or wake up and do not hurry back to sleep.

the manic-depression,

is a bitch-

upon my back.

and you always over-react,

but we both know even with my meds,

there is no complete and utter cure,

for that which ails me most.

when insanity is calling, i try to just never pick up the

damn phone.

But it’s always awfully tempting…

because I am somewhat of a night owl,

and so are you.


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