Hot off the presses!

Hot off the presses!

I just woke up in a smokers coughing fit, to discover, my newest literary venture, is newly published. It is now available for purchase, on the kindle, on Here is a link,

which will take you directly there:

It is not showing up onto my Author’s page just yet, I just added it to my page, and that usually takes them at least a few hours to update, however, if you are dying to see, or buy a copy for your very own-only $6.99!!! This link will take you directly there…not too sure about free promotional periods yet. I will probably add an update to this post later, about that, but i am thinking perhaps around Aprils Fools-my sort of Holiday and one of my favorite Tarot Cards in the Major Arcana.( 

The Fool always represents, the beginning of a journey, pathway, or personal transformation of some kind…whenever, i flip up that card, I kinda smile and go, “duh!”, if I am giving myself a reading. I used to give them to others, but rarely do that anymore. I learned how,roughly 23, years ago. I’m actually quite good at it. But some say, the more folks who touch your tarot deck, the more “vibes”, or “energy” is left onto your cards. Also, I never felt justified, in doing them for money, although some do do that & I would never judge them. 

Personally, i think if it is something i am good at, then it’s a Gift, and charging money in exchange would be shitty karma. My husband disagrees, but then again, i married an Atheist. 

So, i do not think we “believe” in quite the same things, religiously speaking due to the fact he’s missing one, a religion, of any shape, size, or kind…I respect that by simply not talking Religion with him. It’s easy enough, I never talk Religion with anyone anyways, because I am wiccan, and most people are ignorant of the Old and Natural Religions, the Pagan Path is too easily misconstrued as something sinster and Evil, often mistakenly confused, with Satanic Worship and Crimes against humanity. So, I learned a Long time ago to leave my broomstick at my backdoor….If i say I am a witch, and practice only “white magick” that will further confuse you, so let’s forget i mentioned anything at all….

April Fools Day!!! Hmmm….

****Update Promos will be for this one, April 1-3,2013 and May 4-5, 2013.***

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