Black coffee and icy cold maple flavored oatmeal

My coffees cold,
and so is my Oatmeal.

Why pretend?
I’ll admit it…
I was writing again.

Now everything gross and gnarly,
I suppose that what
somebody invented
microwaves for…

this very moment,
or a moment like this…
but i am lazy,
unfortunately, not even remotely hungry.

Lately, it’s become a hassle, a chore,
to even attempt to eat,
breakfast anymore.
I have this shitty loss of appetite.

It’s something i cannot force
nor fight.
I wish it was as easy as saying,
I’m developing an eating disorder.

But no, not quite.
Somethings just a miss, somethings just not right.
I have no illusion, i am not the skinny,
paper-cut doll, i was once was.

However, i have no delusions,
in regards to eating. Skipping meals will not,
help me become thin, rather its liable,
to make me become ill.

Lucky for me, both bulimia and anorexia,
were never flowers in my garden,
of my “kinda crazy”.
I have a severe case of manic-depression,
and quite possible a problem with D.I.D.

I have been misdiagnosed, several times, borderline personality,
schizophrenia,clinical depression, manic-depression with psychosis, alcoholism,
substance abuse.

My current RX: is merely Bipolar Disorder 1
My current Dr. likes to keep it simple, no need for extra spice.
one diagnosis is just fine by her.
All i really know is that,
I belong to the world called, “Crazy” 33 miles East or West,
of the “Twilight Zone.”

The reason, for my lack of eating,
most likely has more to do with,
the fact that i have several teeth missing on my upper left side,
of my mouth, which is also my preferred side on which to chew.

And wearing my partials, now bother me,
ever since they pulled the last tooth, which
was important, it was an anchor tooth, my last left molar on the upper west side.
it hinged my partials and allowed them,
to snap nicely into place.

Anyways…I added a new page to my site
it’s called You Tube Videos by Sex in the Kitchen Sink.
I just put all my poetry reading videos there,
so it would be easier to find,
that is,

if anyone even cares….
i dunno anymore, im feeling like a toothless,
run down old hag,
and i am not even 39,
for 2 more months…

Black coffee and icy,
maple flavored oatmeal
the breakfast of

yuck, so over,it…


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