Bummed out…

After i submitted, everything i went back and re-read my manuscript for the 3rd or 4th time. I discovered at least 5, or 6 typos. I tried to log back in to re-submit but they won’t let me unitl after the approval process. They are the type of typos, only the Author would notice, where you use the wrong tense of a word, or mistake one word for another- on one page i meant to use the word “singing.” for example but used “signing” by mistake. In another i meant to use the word “balloon” but replaced it with “blue” instead….argh. so annoyed with myself. The bipolar, part of me thinks much faster, than i type, unfortunately.

as a person with a Masters degree i really expect myself to be a more professional writer…but no…i get too excited, hyper on my own steam, i choke at the throttle like in a dream. That just blew my good mood right out of the water, too!!!

Luckily, i have a lap-cat having out with me, or i would feel like a complete failure/ joke.:(


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