Long day…

it’s been a real long day..

and my brain feels like its fried,

my mind is filled with random cuss words,

and swears, i just hate everybody today.

ever have one of those days? When everything started, out on

a sour note, flatten,off key-off pitch, and of course it all continued to crash,

down on me, since there, a clang of thunder, a loss of appetite,

a bad mood, which only gets worse, fueled by not enough food,

and too much vice, coffee, smokes, apathy and spice.

Just randomly feeling like i got up off the wrong side of the bed today.

Except, i didn’t. I was fine until you left the house for work, entirely pissed off at me.

I cannot stand it when you are so very angry and critical,

your beautiful blue eyes stab me,

with their glare.

I am left in fragments, scattered like the victim of a hurricane,

i became displaced, by that one angry, evil

look on your face.

I let it ruin my entire day. and it’s not fair, it was not even an argument,

like grown ups have. Instead it was you, getting pissed off and leaving in a huff and a rush.

I have that angry look you gave me imprinted visually onto my brain- like the X on a pirates map. Instead, of treasure, i get to know, i somehow effed up and wronged you again…is it any wonder why i could not even eat any food today? 

You left me in shambles, and in low-self-esteem.

When you get mad like that, i feel like a victim, like i am under attack-

Except No, you won’t let me be a victim, because you are way too caught up in always being the injured party, your own self. So no, clearly you are the victim, who i have destroyed with my passive apathy. Real adults i have heard, can talk stuff out without the temper tantrums without all the painful drama. There is something some folks called compromise. But you won’t be familiar with that shit. It’s always your way or the highway. I know this,but i love you despite it.


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