Sirens howling, blaring in the distance,

in the in-between places,

in -between your house and mine,

my world and the next 6 blocks over,

or maybe five?

is somebody dead?

is somebody still alive?

Did somebody have a car crash?

Is there a house, on a city street, engulfed in flames?

Between-the here-and there,

The sirens call, they blare, they scream

an unknown name…

like something strange from a dream.

But usually when i hear that sound,

the swirl, the scream, the panic,

of emergency sirens, fire, or police/woman and men/

i know that there is trouble somewhere afoot.

And then the noise stops as swiftly as it began,

and slowly i forget,

since it was not me, or my family, or even my neighbors,

but the places-the spaces-of the in-between,

5 or 6 blocks off,

when a fire goes down,

how horrible is it,

to stand there, and, just watch?

it’s surreal, to me, how we can just ignore,

the sounds of a siren,

as it screams and howls,

some more.

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