Dreamcatcher and other poems promo ends at midnight

Dreamcatcher and other poems promo ends at midnight

You only have a few hours left to download a free e-book copy of my latest art and poetry chapbook, “Dreamcatcher and other poems.” By Emily Sturgill (2013) It is roughly 29-30 pages and combines more recent poems and also color artworks.

If you do download its free to keep- but I really would appreciate after your done if you do not mind, leaving me a comment on this blog or better yet a review on my Authors page, see link here: http://www.amazon.com/author/emilysturgill

To download the free e-book just visit the same link above, it’s the first book mentioned on my page, i think because it is my most recent one.

I am a beginner to the world of self-publishing, so any tibits of insights or comments would be very useful. I love getting feedback, even if its negative, because that tells me i must have made a wrong turn someplace.


One thought on “Dreamcatcher and other poems promo ends at midnight

  1. I am trying to keep reminding folks about these free promos right before and as they are happening, not to annoy my older readers but to allow a first time or newer reader to my blog, the opportunity to have a free download of my work, if you don’t like it you can always delete it later…I am not always the best at keeping onto of stuff but i do try. Thanks to all of you who do check out and read my blog, “Sex in the kitchen sink.”

    I only started this blog last november, on a whim, but very glad i have/did.

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