on going promo-free kindle dowload

BookCover Rantings and Ravings paperbook vol2

“On the Brink Letters to the Madness, + poems & pictures: Volume 2″ by Emily H. Sturgill (2013) just went into a free promotional download period starting this morning at 12:00 am. It will only be free for 48 hours-grab it while you can! So far only one person has taken advantage of this freebie!

Go to my Authors page at:www.amazon.com/author/emilysturgill

Volume 2 is the 2nd half of this series which i have lovingly dubbed ,”Rantings & Ravings” It is only a two part series – it contains both of the on the brink books. Volume 2 is much more personal, raw, and does have a couple of graphic poems. A lot can happen, when you are living on the edge, especially when your meds stop working or if you stop taking them altogether. Very often when a person entersa “manic” or “hypomanic” state they “forget” that they have an illness. I cannot explain why this happens, but from personal experience it happens alot and not just to me.

Volume 2 is my longest collection roughly 41 pages of poems and pictures.
I am very interested if you do download it, could you write a review on my authors page of what you thought? Feedback, is always helpful even if its not nice feedback, it is still a tool in which i can learn to refine my craft. If it is a positive review it may encourage other readers to purchase my ebooks or paperback versions. This would help me a great deal to widen my audience and maybe earn a few bucks, starving artist and crazy-lady and unemployed and all!!!

Thanks guys, i have roughly 69 followers of my blog now!!! You are all awesome and apparently, have good taste.(just joking) Thanks to all of you because you inspired me to be a better author/poet/artist.


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