i awoke again,
at five am.
which is not
the ideal,
when you have,
bipolar disorder.
i woke up sick,
coughing, felt
a throw up taste,
in the background
of my mouth.
when i went to the
bathroom,i blew my nose
and coughed up pleglm.
totally disgusting,,
but i could deal, right?
wound up not going back to bed,
which equates a nap later,
on on th edge,
of everything, does have,
a price to pay,
and many words
to say, which lie,
somewhere between my feet and my ankles.
the unspoken words,
i will trip upon them,
if i am not careful.
getting sleep is a great
piece of remaining well.
but it aint always easy.

2 thoughts on “stuff

    • Sorry to hear that you suffer from depression, too. I have it periodically, but also have the upswing issues. The depression is and of itself can hugely impact anyone life. I hope you are taking care of yourself, and are well. I am flattered you liked my poem. Thank you very much. And also about the depression? Please try to remind yourself to always be kind to yourself-it is not an easy thing to live with-we can be harshest with our selves.

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