a crazy lady 2


A crazy lady,
on the road,
of recovery,
and the sparkle-time passageway,
of personal rediscovery,
must decide
as she approaches,
a beat up crossroads,
what path will she take?
which direction should she chose?

Even she is at a loss,
here, a loss for words.

a loss for a solution,
to the riddle,
of what makes a
crazy lady to begin with?

or to end up with?
where did the crazy come from,
as the years have gone on,
one things she knows as truth,
she’s definitely a nutcase,
no doubts about it.

but sometimes, sometimes, sometimes,
she wonders why?
why did the crazy catch her in the first place,
and once caught refused to lessen its grasp.

It’s a madness contagious,
feels like a great blow,
to the chest. it knocks your breath out,
replaces it with fine, grains of sand,
you stumble, cough and choke,
you play right into
crazy’s hands.

So she’s at the crossroads, baby.
all alone, with her own heavy, cross, to bear.
Should she make a pack with the devil,
to erase the crazy right then and right there?

But no she would never, she loves the crazy,
right there deep in her stare,
she likes that it keeps the foolhearted leery,
yet the honest ones by her side,
they are there to love, cherish and obey
the crazy. the monster she keeps locked up,
will pills/drugs/meds/mind-control.

She accepts the jackyl and hyde,
scenario she was long ago,
assigned to play.

but that still begs, the question,
standing at the crossroads,
which way?

When there is nowhere to go but up,
when you are most troubled and down,
on your luck,
which direction,
do you choose?

You can never go backwards,
deep into the past,
there is no such thing,
as time travel,
so options are such,

close your eyes and mumble, stumble forwards,
tripping into an unknown horizon,
a future path paved with infinte,
where every choice seems to hold,
a labyrinth, a tiger, and a maze.

Go boldly go, where no one else will follow,
trek out into unknown terriortory,
and found your own,
sometime story.

make it classic, crazy, bold,
just do that thing that you do best,
and put it to the test,
of talents you gotten along the way,
see what happens when you roll,
the dice of fate,
snake-eyes everytime.

Climb out of the crazy, lean into your mind,
and sleep little lady.
Give it sometime.


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