the stars of leo shining

listening to m.ward’s CD, “Hold Time.”

the song is “the stars of Leo” or something like that…

just listening, eat cookies and drinking my afternoon,

cup of joe. Black, hot, steamy coffee.

wearing my fake set of plastic, partials,

making it both easier and harder to chew all at the same time.

pondering the universe, the cosmos, and the philosophy of real Love.

I know i am overall, very happy, but i am kinda clueless,

as to why? My husband makes me very happy,

I am one of the lucky gals who married the right guy.

All the years together, and we are still at the “in love” phase.

Almost 13 yrs now, and I’m still hot for him,

he’s the only one. It’s nice to be happy,

be somedays i forget…

this is one of those days i am reminded. (not everybody is our kind of happy)

today i treasure it, and feel very satisfied.

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes we do fight,

but those days are very rare-the in-betweens.

Most of the time, I just adore and love him,

just for being him.

And when you have got something like that,

then you have everything really.

You hit the lottery. 


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