Reader Reviews are nice

I just went through my kindle library,and took some notes on which works stood out to me good or bad. I then wrote 15 short reviews, around a paragraph each on 15 different purchases, whether e-book or mp 3 music. I did write 2 bad reviews, and 1 that was only so-so but the other 12 reviews were all 5 stars and very positive. The negative ones, I deemed necessary only in those two cases due to an Author of an e-book completely misrepresenting him or herself.

I’m a huge believer in karma, and definitely do not want to rain negativity down all over on somebody. Unfortunately,in both cases I felt more than a little bit justified with my critiques. And the 12 positive reviews? I felt those persons deserved the glory of high praise and hopefully more people will then be encouraged to buy that work.

I’m really hoping after my e-books go back into a free promo phase that someone will write me a couple nice reviews. I have gotten only one review so far-and they said really great stuff-but I am hoping to gain even more feedback, so i can gain more potential buyers.Hopefully, if i earned any good karma points by writing 12 really glowing reviews-i will get one or two nice reviews back. Because think about it…If you are browsing on for anything music, book, e-book,product-don’t you read the reviews first? Does it make a difference if nobody reviewed it? For me it does. I would say i am more likely to buy if i see somebody else bought something and like it enough to leave a review.


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