Winter Trees

Old Goache painting on illustration board

Winter Trees-E.H.Cato 1997

I’ve been thinking about making more art again lately. It always seems to make me feel guilty, when i am not making any-as if creating art was like feeding the family pet goldfish-and i keep forgetting and that poor little fish is going to give up and drop dead-die soon. All because I cannot remember to feed him. That is how i feel about my artwork or lack there of, as if its this poor starving creature depending on me for its survival. How can an Artist truly say, that there are more important things to do today than art? I feel like a sham. I know realistically i am not the greatest artist ever, but even i have to admit i do have above average talent at it. I am just lazy as hell. It’s hard to get motivated sometimes. And it’s eaiser sometimes to write than to draw because writing is like bleeding to me, the words just seep out. Painting actually requires thinking although not as much as you would assume. In front of a blank canvas i am the monkey with the banana as a trick to get me to drip, paint and create my way into something slightly artistic.Feeling much like a monkey today, have you seen my banana?

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