Mood swings

Some days,

and my mood can

switch on a nickel.

everything can be groovy great,

then its like my mind is on fire.

all the emotions build up,

and i am crying on the inside out again.

I have never done well

with anger, expressions of negative

emotions the burned out

pent up rage of hell.

it smolders,it burns, and ravages me-

quickly like brush-fire.

and only those, who take the time,

to know me very well,

can see that i’m on fire,

that something or somebody’s

made me madder than hell.

And in that instant, i have a choice,

to say something or not…

to just release it out,

in a single breath,

instead of a rampage of

swearing or curse words or even worse.

Because there’s one thing i know,

and it’s the power of words,

they jab, they cut, they stab

so eaisily

often they leave bruises, but not

on skin,

on a person’s soul instead.

but most days,

i know enough the taste of regret,

the remorse on my coarse lips,

that i say nothing,

and only stare

off into space

with a secret anger

i cannot misplace. 


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