Free promo starts tonight at midnight

On the brink poems cover 13BookCover Rantings and Ravings paperbook vol2

Both Volumes 1 and 2 will be free to download off for 48 hours starting tonight at midnight.
You can find them here on my Authors page:

If you like my blog, my writing style is very very similar, in my poetry and art chapbooks. If you do download either or both of them, please consider leaving me a review. It may encourage future readers to actually buy my e-books or my paperback versions!! Thanks For being such loyal and groovy readers! My readers of this blog inspired me to self-publish in the first place. Thank you for reading my blog and i hope you decide to download my e-books during this free promo. You can always delete them later, in case you hate them, but please do not hate them!!

*****Update-Just so you know I’m having technical issues with with the free promo on vol 2. If you have checked and saw that it still is not free on the kindle to download please keep checking back. I emailed them about the error and believe that they may reslove it sometime today***it is now 2/21/13 at 7:57 am est. The other ebook vol 1 is now available free to download for kindle.)*****New update as of 9:09 am both of the rantings and ravings series books are now free to download on your kindle for the next 48 or a bit less hrs!! Yay!!!

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