Revised here is the poll:

Sorry it did not post the first time.

I have this short poll i tried to create. I’m looking for feedback because I am currently on SSDI but I am looking for a job. I just graduated with a Masters of Ed: Art Education degree with a concentration in Art Therapy this past may. I have been job hunting roughly a year now. Is it more professional to keep my blog hush-hush due to my openness of bipolar disorder-and also keep my books & e-books hush-hush because i mention the bipolar diagnosis?

Is my writing impressive enough to even include on a resume or would that signal red flags? Comment on the poll, or leave comments on this blog-just looking for feedback. So many are ignorant about mental illness so i am unsure if being open is possible….would this be a deal-breaker for you if you were my employer? And also what about the opinions of my fellow art therapists? I was open with both my teachers and classmates in the Masters program. They were very cool about it, however i did not have an episode during any of my semesters except once in the fall i fell into a deep depression. (my manias seem to frighten people the most-nobody saw one of those at least.)

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