The ancient tribe of “crazy-makers”

The tribe is ancient, cursed, and damned. They are the ones in your life who ask for your advice but never take it. They are the people who always complain but refuse to change or modify their behaviors or approaches to Life. They are the ones who never “bounce” back. They are the ones who never “lose” a fight, because they are “right” about everything. They are the people in our life we can never make happy for longer than 5 minutes-20 min max at a time. This tribe can never be honest with themselves because nothing is ever their fault, it has to be somebody else’s fault or problem. They are always blameless innocent victims and the mean cruel world is simply out to get em.(and don’t you dare mention paranoia, because of course they are but they are too paranoid to admit they are paranoid.) This tribe of folks love to be the center of attention. If they are not the center of attention they will quickly turn the tables to make it all about them. They are selfish but blindly so. They do not really realize the damage they put their loved ones through. Now that I am often relatively stable with my bipolar meds keeping my tidal waves calm, i can spot the crazy-makers from farther away. I think when i am sick, manic, hypo-manic, depressed ect. i actually belong to this tribe. But when my medicine is working i can spot the other “crazy-makers” and try to not fall into their alluring layers of shiny quick-sand. What it boils down to is they do not want help or even advice, what they want is to complain. And they want to make sure you are just as miserable as they are. They will not give up until everybody’s equally unhappy. Do not for for this entrapment. Just nod your head like you are listening and count to like 20-120 whatever. Then smile sadly and walk away. Shrug you helpless shoulders if necessary-do not encourage or engage a crazy-maker. Just get away someone safe out of their complaining arena.Then do something fun, enriching or rewarding to got the crazy-maker off your mind. Always remember you cannot “fix” the crazy-maker. They do not even believe they are broken.

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