If i might

If i might, if i could, just run away

and take flight, i would pack up all these 

silly nonsense sentences and fill up

suitcases of them,

brimming with words, unspoken half-truths

and utter falsehoods, complete lies.

If i might, i would run far away, from myself,

worse of all, i would try to escape

all the thought-tinkering, the jingle-jangle, the fragmented

sentences, the broken bits of poems, the lost semi-colon.

if i might, if i could just run away, to become,

someone else for a day,

someone easier, someone who did not scrawl

her every thought onto a wall.

Somebody new, who did not do,

the things i do…but i can’t

its complicated, and i am afraid i am

unable to change,

i scribble, scrawabble, whatever, i think,

without any advanced planning on my part

to edit out, to tear/ to cut

out my bleeding gushing heart.

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