Here it comes again,

the pain, my body screaming into my head,

as i remain silent yet watchful,

as i feel it.

I just sit here and take it all in.

The broken tooth, in need of a root canal,

The endometriosis, which bothers me most on

a monthly basis. (

I’ve got 4 stars-no wait-i meant I’m at stage four.

And its been, tons of fun,

all those times, I just sit and cry, and its really not,

getting better, it only gets worse with time,

the pain i cannot describe, its like a vice of metal,

squeezing along my insides,

by my ribs but extending into

my pelvic floor, running up and down,

my spine,

and i barely seem

to bleed anymore,

but the pain, comes at me like,

waves of sea-water, tangled me up

into chains of seaweed,

as i wait

for Poseidon,

to bring his great sea-pitch-fork,

to cut me free,

of all this pain,

I’ve been in.


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