How to say nothing in so many words

How to say nothing in so many words?

Well, it’s a gamble,

but you merely just ramble,

and pray

that somebody someday

will like what you say

even if the meaning is only

skin-deep. Even if the meaning is

absolutely nothing to do

with anybody or anything

just a bloody rhyme

to waste some time.

I won’t try to fool you,

into any great expectations,

there is a lunatic at my keyboard

and that lunatic unfortunately, is me.

So what can i say, in a new novel way,

about absolutely nothing,

that you have not already heard?

Well nothing is huge, like a raven bird,

its wingspan is great, and it does not just fly,

it seems to hover- instead-about you-as if

its about to swoop down and attack your head.

Nothing is a wild beast of a bird,

with a song seldom heard.

Nothing will get you if you dare-

to not do anything you supposed to do-

if you just sit there,

nothing will surely swoop down for the attack,

and then nothing will happen,

nothing will happen to you

at all.

Nothing is made up of the stuff;

of unfinished daydreams, lost loose change, unfinished house-work, an un-made bed, the blank journal page, the blank canvas screaming for paint, the un-read novel you have not bought you. Nothing contains all this and more.

Nothing is hard to define, to pinpoint its exact location,

but it loves boredom a lot often the two

can be seen romantically inclined.

Much ado about nothing.

How do you say nothing in 257 words or less?


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