Cliches run rampant

Cliches running rampant

in my head, things like, “winter wonderland.” or “all four seasons in one day.” which is the title of a song by Sting, on his CD Mercury Falling or perhaps Mercury Rising-i cannot really recall which, and “Winter Wonderland.” is also a song, i believe…

Cliches running rampant

in my head,

everyone I know it seems was joking,

just the other day, about our State’s weather,

how it seems to be so indecisive it changes its mind,

rather quick, it seems almost somewhat

like a young girl who keeps changing her mind,

on which stuffed bear is her favorite toy!

Michigan seems to say, “Spring!” no no no wait….

“Summer!!” no no no…”Winter?”

“Fall!!!” With Michigan its a crazy free for all.

And the newscasters try to pretend,

the “weather men” or women, that they know whats

going to happen with our crazy weather,

but the truth is nobody knows.

One minute it snows, then the next the Sun graces us,

with its warmth and the flakes,

burn then melt away,

into muddy spring-size puddles.

A few hours later, we could get 6-7 inches,

of the white stuff, truth is you just never do know-

Living in Michigan keeps you,

on your toes.


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