Big snow flakes

Big snow flakes,

softly tumble down,

as i watch them as they fall-

wondering if i ran outside,

if i could catch one,

they are about the size of a quarter-piece

a coin, with the exception of un-even edges,

cut into individual jig-saw puzzle pieces,

which neatly fit

together, when they hit

the ground.

so pretty to watch, yet ,

tremendously terrible to try to

drive in.

Michigan snow storms are

the stuff, accidents are made of.

Just had a huge one the other day

on I-75, and no one I knew was hurt,

but there were causalities

I just watched it on the news.

It was sad. But these things do tend to

occur and happen, when the

weather gets nasty here,

do not let the pretty flakes fool


you have to be careful,

driving in this weather,

it may look beautiful,

but please remember

beauty does,

kill, sometimes



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