had to share…

that last post I had to share, in case you did not see it,

because I am a big fan of both Nina Simone and Bille Holiday too.

I am also a fan of Ettta James. I love the Blues, just because, I do.

One of my favorites was James Hooker, also known as Jonhny Lee Hooker or John Hooker. My favorite diddy by him is a song called boom boom boom.

I’ve found over time, when I listen to The Blues, I am usually happy or the music just makes me feel happier. I listen to real all types/a different slice/of life.

Sometimes beats/are classical,

Sometimes beats/are magical.

Sometimes music/can be very emotional.

Sometimes music/makes me sad.

A soft sad ballad/ a soprano

a deep moody, woman’s alto/thinking of adele

some music is light/uplifting/pop/or rock/or alternative.

some music is funny/tom waits/nick cave.

sometimes music just makes me feel just about everything.


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