Automatic writing

have you ever written something automatic,

where your brain, has jumped the airplane,

and you’ve lost your co-pilot. And the passengers are all screaming, bloody hell, because obviously, no-one is there to fly the plane, or in this case plan the paragraph/All your left with are dangling oxygen masks/ and screaming sentences,/running amok all over the damn page/ like random automatic/ auto-erotic/pieces of torn pages/of science fiction,/seldom read/very moldy pages peeled back/ to save that page from ten or twenty years ago/when you swore that you would finish/ reading “I robot”./never giving it a second or even a third thought/as the brain rot settles in/why is the point?/ and on and on you go/ onto the tilt-a-whirl/throwing up/commas and periods/blankly/vacant/a writer/sometimes-seldom/writing on automatic/without a parachute/without a game plan/with a topic sentence/making english teachers everwhere/very very very /much un-ease/in a flow of random/ stuff that leaves a / awful taste in the back of your thought/like heartburn over/too much or/ too little coffee/automatic/writing/like speeding down/an expressway/when you haven’t got/any brakes./help.

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