Art Saves me

Art saves me,

each and every-time, when i feel it coming/like i’m losing my mind/art saves me/each and every-time. Whether its/listening to/The Blues/or other music/or writing a poem/a journal entry/or an old friend an email letter/ or sometimes its the scribble-scrabble/doodle mark/on the page./or it becomes something deeper/a watercolor painting/my mind can no longer contain/burst into reality/with a light wash/and a dispersion/of colored/abstract hues/shapes or symbols/a resist made with salt/or a resist made of watercolor and crayons/ or something bigger/the canvas which calls me up one day/ and invites me to come down to/my easel/and play/with acrylics/and joy…./art saves/me every-day/in unique/and strange/senseless/hybrid ways/my muse kidnaps my brain/in exchange/ for some down time/where everythings quiet/ this blank page/not/a prison riot/in my melting mind/ but instead/a technique/to rest my head/ and put my silly mind games/tic-tac-toe/away/because/you see/ Art always saves me./each and every-time/i let her.


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