Authors page on

Authors page on

This is the link to my Authors page on, Emily Sturgill, 2013. If you like my blog, then you should love my books, because the type of poetry i write, tends to remain the same, as it ever did. These small chap-books run from 27-50 pages. One is roughly 50 pages but the other 3 are closer to 27-30 pages. They are a mismatch of poetry from older to newer and everything in between. The range of art is also from older to newer. They are not arranged chronologically, unfortunately, that is just too logical for my artist soul to take.But please feel-free to take advantage of the free promotional downloads during the next couple of days. If you do download something, please leave some feedback on my Authors page. Even if its not a glowing review, perhaps there is much i could learn, like what not to do. I’m new to publishing anything.Let me know what you think.Thank you, Emily 


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