Pain sucks

Pain sucks so hard/ it takes all your breath away/into the narrow margins/

into the spaces of a single day/pain sucks so hard/its sharp like a blade/it cuts like a knife/

the pain that i feel/makes you think twice/but not ever play nice.

Pain sucks/the wind outta the ships sail/shipwrecked/upon the furthest shore.

Land ho!!/and you are here/hurting all over this place/which you used to call your face.

My jaw is raw/the nerve is exposed/naked and fleshy/like a fat peach/dripping juice/everywhere/instead of juice/i am content/merely to drool/then yell/then scream/and cry/ but i wonder why?/why does pain suck so hard?/ and why can’t i/ just put my big girl panties on/ and take it like a man?/ why am i so fragile/so frazzeled/ so beside myself/that i cannot even scream/ on the outside/instead/i scream from the inside out/& then nobody hears?/Pain really sucks sometimes…

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