Nightmares breathe reality

Dreams of the dentist,

she is sweet like Novocaine, however,

she does stuff to hurt me, not on purpose,

she’s just doing her job.

and she is this real nice woman,

but her office terrifies me.

and today i must go there for yet, one more,

damned chipped tooth.

Haven’t the clue what is the game-plan, what it

might be. But I do know, I will be oh, so,miserable,


As my dreams become the

blood, spit, and gunk of reality.

not sure what is worse, knowing i hurt now,

or realizing i will probably hurt,

more later,

in the dentist chair.*********

just got home, just been told, i need a root canal.

this is frustrating, because I am sure we just do not have the money for this….

why can’t the dentist ever have any Good News???


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