crying and ripped fresh like an open cut

I cannot believe,

how much it costs to have a root canal & i even am on my husbands insurance.

But none of that matters,

i’ve been told it only covers up to 50%, for a root canal, on a single tooth,

leaving a remaining balance of nearly $500, which is almost my entire SSDI check for next month.

My husband works, & works very hard, & makes above the min wage.

But we live basically paycheck to paycheck, nothing ever extra, no kinda savings/

only debt, debt, debt and more bills onto on that shit like,

a sundae with the cherry, on top.

WTF? How do people live like this? A root canal,

for only one single tooth, runs $1120.00, am i missing something?

Are you going to gold-plate the thing for free?

It just so happens, to be my anchor tooth, the one my partials sit on.

without it, i would need new partials a hell of a lot of fixodent, some paperclips and

of course scotch tape.

After all the phone calls, I made today, trying to see if somebody,

could recommend somebody I could afford to help me,

I simply collapsed, concave, into a pile of hysterical tears./ funny thing is/

crying did not make me feel any better/only like/crying some more/a leaky tire/has no air/

and really Damnit i don’t care./ i just wish my husband/was here/to hold me./to tell me/

everythings ok/ even if we are not the richest of the rich/ or the poorest of the poor/

somehow money just don’t matter/anymore./

im sick & tired of being sick & tired, and i think the first person to say that phrase/

was the Late Great/Ms.Rosa Parks.


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