why not?

why not, admit it that your moody too?

why not, admit that sometimes you get real pissed off-at everyone & everything?

Why not, go someplace for help, for therapy, for medicine that could help to cure what ails you?

why not at least try, an anti-depressant?

It would not make you any less of a man, i swear-in fact it may make you that much more human. It may take the edge right off or knock the chip off your shoulder.

And no, I am not trying to say your crazy, or “just like me.”

I just get scared for you sometimes, when your hanging out in

your blue blue blue,

funky-ness. You will never accept a true compliment, you brush them off

as though their something contagious, something to make you ill.

And you stand tall, brave and strong,

like nothing is wrong.

But I know you. Deep down inside there is something inside you,

a baby bird with a broken wing, perhaps,

something that’s in need of some healing.

And you won’t talk about it.

And you will not let me in-to your world-just showing me 

the pretty places. Or sometimes you will share some awful dirty secret, or

something that happened oh-so-long-ago…and telling me upsets you.

I put you into the blue blue blueness-of your funky-ness,

once again.

It’s hard for me to believe that your Armour,keeps you from feeling,

all the pain you have been dealing,

with, forever and a day?

So I say, why not?

and it falls upon your deaf ears,

like way too much

wind and rain.


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