teeth scream

my teeth scream,

i think, they yell so loud, it causes

confusion among barking dogs.

My teeth scream,

as they touch the hot & cold of things.

A little bit, ain’t too bad, say 1 or 2 cups of 


but 3 was just too many, honey.

and the water outta the tap?

well screw that!! Way too cold, and my teeth got

down-right, damned and angry.

I chipped a tooth, me thinks that, based on

all this pain crap.

Gotta Dentist to see…

but not till next Thursday.

and these teeth just scream, scream, scream 

at me, and then they seem

to yell some more….like something straight outta a dream/

nightmare, most likely….

not too sure, but i might need

a root canal, or a filling or a cap;

equally all that frizzles and fries,

my nerves, as I am

sitting here clenching my teeth,

so they shut the hell up.



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