the wait

Waiting for,

the phone to ring, with a voice

on the opposite end saying, “Congratulations, you’ve got the job!”

Waiting for,

the magical job interview, with strings attached,

to happily ever after.

Waiting for,

the chance to show ’em what I got.

Waiting for,

the bright lights, the big tent, the tight-rope.

the Secret, which means that the show must go on.

Waiting for,

a job which can transform into;

a career, if given light, water, good soil,

and positive expectations.

Waiting for,

the experiment to go just right, as planned,

Waiting to become

Someone a little different;

Somebody employed!

Waiting for,

an opportunity to,

sparkle and shine,

a place where my heart can grow.

I’m still waiting…

for that phone to ring.


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