Second ebook promotion

Second ebook promotion

Starting tomorrow through the 21st, my 2nd ebook, “On the brink:Letters to the madness+poems & pictures. Volume One.” will be available for free to download onto kindle. If you do not have a kindle but have a PC-personal computer-you can download an app for kindle by going to google and searching “free kindle app for pc.” Eventually, I would like these books to be available in paperback version by demand. I’m working on that still, but may have the first ebook, “Sex in the kitchen Sink:poems and art.” available soon.

This is also the link to my Amazon Authors page, right here:

The first ebook is still free to download until the 20th. Any comments or feedback you have, concerning either work, I would love to have some insight about if i am doing anything “right” or at least mildly entertaining. Or if you have comments on how to improve my work or things you do not care for, please leave comments here on my blog or on the link above, my authors page on you enjoy my stuff please tell your friends, spread the word….ect. (also if you like it, I encourage you to submit a review on


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