Kindle Book Sale Starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow two different e-books I have written will go on a kindle promotional sale.

The first, is my very first collection of poetry and artwork. It is called “Sex and the kitchen Sink: Poetry and Art.” by Emily Sturgill, 2013. It will be on sale tomorrow at the low price of just 99 cents. Normally it is $5.99. The sale will last until Dec 3rd, 2013. But each day after tomorrow the sale price will increase by $1.                                   cover art 1 copy                 To download a sales copy tomorrow please use the following link:

The second e-book going on sale tomorrow is the first in a yet to be finished two part series of a collection of my Artwork. It is called “Art before words.” by Emily Sturgill, 2013. It is a collection spanning art over a period of many years between 1996-2012. It’s not everything I have done-which is why there will be a second part to the Series. Anyways this first part will follow the same sale guidelines as set above. Tomorrow, you can download it for a mere 99 cents. Here is a link:

Art before words new front cover copy   This is really good deal because normally the e-book costs $9.99. It is pretty long in length and most of it is artwork, paintings, photography, drawings. This sale will also run until Dec 3rd, 2013. And each day after tomorrow the price will increase slowly by $1.00. So your best bet is to purchase these two books tomorrow 11/27/13 when the sale price goes into effect of just 99 cents.


****Update-I believe these deals start at 8:00 AM PST. I live in an EST time zone myself, Detroit MI. I just noted the difference and
PST is three hours behind EST. Not sure of the difference with CTS? But anyways, these deals should be available soon.

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