The Anchor

The Anchor-4/11/14

If feelings were anchors
around my feet and legs
would I sink or swim?

If feelings were anchors
around my feet
would I rock steady in a harbor
or sea?

Or would all my feelings
become shark-like
and swim up
to devour me?

I struggle to remain upright
despite crashing waves.
Motionless I float upon my back
the blue blue blue
of the sea
it meets the sky.

And I wonder who is bluer
the sea, the sky or I?

Thinking things through…

Thinking things through…
the wind conveys the secret
message that
Spring is almost near.

Thinking things through…
as the bulbs begin to bud.
As the air begins to warm and whisper.
The wind sends out call,
to all the flocks of birds-
then to the other animals
both small and tall.

Thinking things through…
I stand in the thick and thin out of
it all.
Trying to catch a Spring breeze
as the smell of grass
and the feel of Sun and Air upon
my bare arm, everything
catches up to me-
in a moment of Awe.

Thinking things through…
this is the time of the year,
to sort through the old,
and embrace the new.

Just taking my time
to gather my thoughts
and think these things through…

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4.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth a look at April 24, 2013
By Maranda Russell

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
When I began reading this book, the author expresses in the introduction how she sometimes wonders if it is worth taking the time to write and share her little books of poems and artwork. From one neglected poet to another…it is definitely worth it. I really enjoyed many of these poems, especially the ones about writing and the creative process because I could really relate. I also loved the poem about trying to read too many books at once and ending up not reading any of them fully. That is so me! Even though I am not big on nature poems (so the first few weren’t too big with me), I did love the images of her dog & cat’s reaction to the thunderstorm…that was a great use of ordinary imagery used in an unusual way. Great job…and definitely keep writing and sharing. There are those of us who will appreciate your efforts!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Creative and artistic January 13, 2014
By socrates
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
“This book shows a variety of poetic styles. Some of the poems I found myself reading quickly, almost like a song. They hop around from topic to topic but in such a way that keeps the reader drawn in and enjoying the playful nature. Others seem meant to be read slower. They are more serious yet insightful into the darker side of the world. “This Heart is for the Taking” and “What’s Blue” pay a lovely reverence to her loved one. Her use of metaphors are beautiful and I found myself drawn into several quotes throughout the book. Some of my favorite poems were “Something” and “Poetry Slam.” This book definitely showcases a poet’s view of the world around her. This author is highly creative, which is demonstrated throughout the book both in her poetry and her artwork. I would recommend it, especially to fellow poets or poetry lovers who appreciate an eclectic, thought-provoking approach.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

3.0 out of 5 stars Rain, Nature, Daily Life, Pet Poetry, and Art Mix…. August 25, 2013
By Michel Short

Format:Kindle Edition
Poetry and art work featured in this 9th volume issue; “Once I was the Rain” is written in themes that flow from one into the other. “The Nature of Rain”, the Talisman of tears, thundering clouds, the crack of thunder. Listening, college homework, the relaxation of meditation. “The Blank Page” of writers block, the symbolic blackness of the Raven. “The Clutter Poem”, unread books, trying to read a dozen books at a time, (we literary type persons can relate:) The poet beat of the “Poetry Slam”, the fun of open mic, reading before a small audience. I’m not a cat person, I did enjoy the poems/photos of her pets.

Favorite Art Works:
Clock and Books: (untitled/not dated) photography.
The Viking Ship: (March 2013) watercolor.

In closing, Sturgill writes “This Heart is for the Taking” an affectionate poem for her husband Dean. The poem is uniquely illustrated featuring a gnarly spidery vein tree photograph resembling a heart. This engaging artist’s Chapbook can be read in one sitting. Some of the poetry featured in this volume has been previously published.

Sturgill supports the concept of the arts and creative writing as therapy, where she advocates for people affected with mental illness. Recently graduating from Wayne University, Detroit, MI. visit her great website:

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5.0 out of 5 stars A very talented author and artist, January 30, 2014
By socrates – See all my reviews
This review is from: Do not cry me a River of Crocodile Tears. (Kindle Edition)
Emily covers several topics in the poems of this book; however, many of them have to do with her illness, Bipolar Disorder, which she is very open about in her poetry. She has a wonderful way of describing it to people who have never experienced the depression or mania of the disorder. She also seems to have a firm grasp on the essentials of living with the disorder, the stigma attached, and the feeling of being described as only your illness and not a human being with an illness being one component of your existence. Her poetry is a free-flowing eclectic style which takes you on a journey through her intensely creative moments of thought. Her poems are often free style and unique in their character. I had several favorite poems in this book including “Like Writer’s Block”, “Puddles of Poetry”, “Beyond Words” and “Grasping at Straws”. She covers the gamut of emotions that come along with this disorder as well as life in general, such as remorse, fear, pride, and love. Emily seems to have a very open mind and is willing to explore topics in a way that allows others to maintain their opinion while stating hers in a respectful way. Her poems are very genuine and it is clear that they come from the heart. I would recommend this book to other people interested in Bipolar Disorder, depression, poetry, or unique writing styles in general. The artwork throughout the book is a very nice touch as well. This is clearly a very talented author and artist. I hope to read more of her books in the future!

You Shouldn’t Need A Reason For Not Having Kids


Excellent post thank you so much for writing this. It means so much to very many different types of women.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

I wore a maxi dress to work today. The frequency in which I wear dresses to work is about once per month. I am more of a jeans and blouse kind of girl. So on the spontaneous day that I wear a dress like I did today, people notice and sometimes talk about it in the same way they might if I showed up with a tattoo on my face. Most days I don’t mind this. Today was not one of those days.

It was mid-morning and I was chatting with a coworker about my decision to go to 7/11 last night for a glazed doughnut (or two) at 11:00 p.m. I ate the doughnuts right before bed (I had had a day, okay?) and this morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was my crumpled up 7/11 doughnut wrapper on my nightstand staring at me, shaming…

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She pushed me over…the edge…but you just watched.

She pushed me over,
the edge…but you…you were worse.
you just watched.
As I spread out eagle and jumped off
that great Ravine,
which we call the Edge.

It even surprises me.
This instantaneous
fucked up
suicidal feeling that emerges.

How easy it would be?
To disappear forever-into a pile of
psychotropic pills. To eat them bit by bit
swallow them all whole-just to
never feel this fucked up

But I remain steadfast and strong.
I am no longer a goddamn child.
I’m not letting a bitch like you
ruin my life forever.

You already stole away my father-
that much is crystal clear
but what you underestimated
is i fight dirty
i fight back
and fight much harder
than your smack-

of bullshit and lies.
it ain’t worth it.
i refuse to go over an edge for you.
As my father stands silent-just watching me-

as a lucidity of a daydream
as my eyes grow wide-
and I threaten nonsense
I threatened suicide.

just to freak her out a bit.
I am no twit.
I had no intention of dying today.

But you should feel ashamed,
for messing with his mentally ill daughter.
Have you no heart, no moral compass, no inner guide-

Do you feel no remorse
for being a evil bitch
to me? You must be even far more
crazy than I am.

Don’t know why-
he married a fool like you?