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For those of you who missed it, I edited a poetry anthology last spring called,” Help wanted: poets please apply.”

It is still available as a kindle steal at just 99 cents. However, I am also hosting a Good Reads giveaway of the paperback version. There will be 3 copies raffled off. To learn more please visit this link here:

Anthology cover design image 3Three copies will be given away. This collection is roughly 100-105 pages long. It is a large print paperback 8.5 x 11.
It is an anthology of 19 poets in total.

An anthology of vastly talented online poets from the online community.Featuring the works of:Leesa Abbott, Dominic R. DiFrancesco, Stacy Michelle, Omavi, Abhilasha Singh‏,tt4r, Emily Sturgill, Richard Bryant, Carrie Page, Shannon Benjamin ,Lorien Vidal, Starry Skies, Celestine Nudanu, Sylvia Porter-Hall, Catherine Nowak, Anna Bianca,Gilly Goldsworthy, Da Absentee and Kaboki. Help Wanted: Poets please apply, is a poetry anthology project I started in early May 2014. I invited other poets via my wordpress blog to join in the project as a way of individual promotion and free publishing for those who never experienced that before. 18 poets came forward and we all added our own poetic flair. We sincerely hope you enjoy the variety of the diverse and very talented group of poets. Sincerely Emily Sturgill-Editor

This anthology is a wide range showcasing many talented poets. This is a link to the kindle version right here, in

case you wish to check it out you can always click on search inside the book.

Gone Missing into the abyss…

Lately I have

gone missing into

the abyss-

this great big hole


this great big rabbit hole

this rabbit hole.

we call life.


It sucked me in

and swallowed me



there are times

when illness & depression

invade us.


dark desperate armies

built out of thin air,

but fed on despair.


as much as

i try to not concave, fall in

or comeplie


my worst fears ring true

and I fall on downwards

down Alice’s rabbit hole.


Looking for the magic

that will make me

grow big…


instead of this

depressive dirty

dinosaur dig

into something ancient

and highly unpleasant


like the small secret words:

just give up, because

you will never make it.

there is no one else.

CAM00836 There is no one else. 08/05/14

deep inside

a divided mind

a shovel lies


among dirt and ash.

In the fragments of

lingering hurt.


deep inside

a divided mind

covered by dirty leaves

and cobweb secrets-

(which belong only to me,)


deep inside

i feel split

into two…


the logical side

and the creative muse,

garnished together

within a battered white,

picket fence.



i linger…

searching for ghosts.


but there is no one else.


The drought-by Emily Sturgill 9/12/14

The land drinks

no fresh tears.

my inkwell runs dry.


all the words

I long to share

got caught up

into the netting

of the sky.


all the words

like fruit ripened

I long to scatter

upon the lips of

the hungry,


like milk & honey.

but I can’t…


for there is a hunger

that swallows the land

and syllables evade even




The land drinks

no fresh tears.

my inkwell runs dry.CAM01103




In need of Tiara

In need of Tiara-

(for Nyama) 8/05/14

Reading glasses

pulled down

as she looks

down her nose at you.


An enigma,

A mystery

this woman

is ancient and enthroned-

She runs the Library.


The place

where the shelves

are pulled high

with dinosaur

type volumes

of words written

onto paper-

bindings made of old leather

and how unusual

it seems.

To visit such a graveyard

composed of old bound paper.


Reading glasses pulled down

as she looks down her nose at you.

An enigma

A mystery.


This woman

is of an old soul

She is enthroned like a Queen.

She shhss her subjects.

She is only missing

her Tiara.


My inner wild child

My inner child

is wild, angry and more than a bit


She sits well with rage.

The rage I cannot tell.

The kind which feels unlawful

so I hide it well.


I hide it beneath

piles of dirty blankets

inside my mind.

I try to smother this rage

deep inside, with the hopes

it will not eat at me

from the inside out.

I hide my anger well-

I cover it with doubt.


My inner child, she’s a wild thing.

She deals with all

of my secret pain,

so that I can begin again.


They say certain nasty

words about angry women.

It’s as if anger is never allowed.


I want to be the “nice girl”.

I want to be polite.

I want to fit in

and never start any fist fights.


But despite it all

deep within

my inner child she is ranting and raving

eager to escape at my seams,

she swallowed a sky of my

emotions and I watch

from a safe distance


as she erupts

like a volcano

into my dreams.

Dust Bowl

Whipped up words

into a dustbowl

each word tangles thickly

into the next,

a whirlpool

a frenzy

a dustbowl derby.

round and round

they go

scattered lightly

into a vacuum

of empty.

A mixture of metaphors

stretched lightly loosely

like so much twine


it stretches finely

across the dirty

canvas of

my mind.

Goodreads Giveaway: “Help Wanted Poets :please apply.”An Anthology edited by Emily Sturgill (2014)

Three paperback copies of my poetry anthology, will be given away. I apologize for the error in the cover picture-this shows the kindle cover instead of the paperback cover. I uploaded the kindle version first to Goodreads and could not figure out how to change the cover. I did change from the kindle to the paperback version-really wish i could list both versions but GoodReads is not as user friendly as it first appears.

So anyways-the paperback cover looks like this:

Anthology cover design image 3   This paperback version is roughly 100-105 pages, It is 8.5 x 11, white pages and colored images. It contains the work of 18 poets +myself=19 poets in total. And, yes, it is absolutely totally fabulous.The drawing is open to enteries right now. To enter you must be a Good Reads member but Good reads is free to join. If your not a member just go to think that is how it works. I joined a while ago. Here is a link to the book on, below.

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